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Background: Alpha, a business unit of Alent plc , is the world leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative materials used in the electronic assembly process. Alpha supplies a full line of ALPHA® Solder Paste, Stencils, Squeegee Blades, Stencil and PCB Cleaners, Bar Solder, Cored Wire Solder, Soldering Fluxes, SMD Adhesives  and a line of ALPHA® Argomax Ag sinter paste, and LED assembly products.

Alpha’s Advanced Materials unit is the leader in electronic polymers and solders materials for semiconductor packaging. Alpha also offers product technologies for the Photovoltaic market to help lower production costs and increase throughput and yield. Since our founding in 1872 as a metals smelter and refiner, Alpha has been committed to developing and manufacturing the highest quality soldering materials. Today, Alpha has an international marketing network of more than 160 locations around the globe and has the industry's largest Research and Development capability.

As the industry demands higher performance and more rapid technology implementation, Alpha sees the answers coming from its intimate knowledge of materials and processes. We are uniquely qualified to provide you with the total process solutions you are looking for.

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CVP-390 - 更佳的抗跌落冲击,优异的回流工艺窗口,降低头枕缺陷水平

CVP-520 - 低熔点无铅合金,优异的通孔引脚性能,在混合技术应用中去除波峰焊接过程

CVP360(无卤素) - 业界最佳的电路引脚测试,大大减低误报错水平

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SACX Plus0307 - 针对波峰 返工或特选性焊料应用而设计,长期波峰暴露情况下低铜溶解率

SACX Plus0807 - 在复杂 双面组件上实现与SAC305类似性能,低铜溶解率,低银(0.8%)含量

SACX Plus HASL - 高价值,低成本焊盘表面处理;低消耗,均匀,平整覆盖

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水基型 EF-2210 - 不含挥发性有机化学物,不含松香配方,优异的焊接性能

醇基型 EF-6000 - 高活性,低固含量(2%),确保优异外观和可针测性

醇基型 RF-800 - 含松香免清洗助焊剂,低固含量,高可靠性

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Telecore Plus - 全球销量第一,免清洗、活性松香助焊剂,透明无粘性,无腐蚀性残留,高表面绝缘阻力性能

SMT Plus(不含卤素产品)- 无卤化物和不含卤素,低助焊剂含量,优异的润湿能力

无铅产品 - 有合金规格选择 SAC305 SAC405等



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