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Technical Solutions

Our strong application and design team is able to create customers’ demands by developing and integrating customized hardware and software into reference designs. With the wide range of electronic components that we carry, coupled with many creative ideas that we can bring in for our customers, we are always able to put forward to them the most cost-effective and fastest time-to-market solutions.


Wireless Module Solution

ValenceTech Pedometer appicon                         



arrow-orange Smart Band Solution:

- Movement logger, record movement details.
- Smart sleeping pattern monitor
- Bluetooth SMART connection with Smartphone (iOS or Android 4.4)
- App features: step counting, calories burned, distance, sleeping pattern, goal setting, store past 30 days data.
- Alarm with silent mode by vibration.

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Automotive Solution

TMD AutomotiveBLDC icon


arrow-orange Oil Pump, Water Pump, Fan Solution:

- Smooth start, accurate RPM
- Communicate to ECU through CAN
- Closed Loop Control



arrow-orange Electronic Power Steering Solution:

- Torque will be automatically adjusted according velocity
- Communicate to ECU through CAN
- Temp protection, System Fault protection


arrow-orange HVAC Solution:

- Direct drive: 4 stepper motor / 8 DC motor
- Communicate to ECU through CAN
- Temp protection, System Fault protection


arrow-orange Auto Fold Side Mirror:

- Direct driver 4 DC motor
- Position Memory
- Foreign Object Detection
- Communication to ECU through CAN
- Temp protection, System Fault protection

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Motor Control Solution



arrow-orange Air Purifier / Rangehood / Fan / Water Bump Solution:  

- Single Shunt Resistor, Sensorless, FOC
- Customize the characteristic of motor
- Cost effective Solution

Washing Machine  

arrow-orange Washing Machine Solution:

- Single Shunt Resistor, Senseless, FOC
- High Efficiency, Reliable and Environmental Friendly
- Customize the characteristic of motor

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Digital Audio Solution

Panasonic headphone                         

arrow-orange Proximity, Touch Keys, Sliders, Touch screen and Touch Pad solution:

- Use touch slide control solution to replace the button, it can  reduce the mechanical noise
- 3D Gestures control solution
- Provide cost effective solution for different function

 Philips Docking  


arrow-orange Headphone, Portable speaker, Audio system and Sound Bar Solution:

- In addition on Bluetooth wireless solution, we also support the high resolution and lossless wireless audio solution
- Support iOS and Android system
- Provide cost effective solution for different function


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Smart Meter Solution



arrow-orange Smart Single Phase Meter:                                

- High accurate RTC ±0.3s/day
- Auto run TRC compensation function
- Standby current < 20uA


arrow-orange Smart Gas Meter:

- High accurate RTC ±0.3s/day
- Standby current < 8uA
- Support IC Card Reader

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Smart LED Solution

MXCHIP WiFiSmartLED appicon                      


arrow-orange Smart Home LED Solution:

- Use WiFi/ BT/ Zigbee Wireless chip set
- Support multiple 16bit PWM output on each device
- Apps control dimming and mix color

LED Driver   

arrow-orange Multi-function Dimming LED Driver Solution:

- Input voltage: 85V-265V; PF>0.9; Po: 25W ; Eff: 82%-84%
- Dimming function: 1-10V Dimming, Resister Dimming, Switch Dimming
- Support synchronous dimming
- Constant current output: 46V/350mA, 500mA, 700mA which defined by dip switch. Each current stage can support 1% -100% dimming level
- Constant voltage output: 24V/900mA, 12V/900mA


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